Popular Colombian Desserts: A Sweet Journey Through Traditional Flavors

By Esteban Parcero •  Updated: 09/25/23 •  11 min read

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Exploring the Delightful Milhojas: Colombia, best known for its rich coffee and vibrant culture, also boasts an array of popular Colombian desserts that will surely please your sweet tooth.

Unveiling the Postre de Natas: This creamy delight is just one example of the sophisticated flavors that Colombian desserts offer. Made from milk, sugar, and cinnamon – it’s a must-try when exploring the country’s gastronomy.

A Look into Flan, Natas, and Natilla: These are traditional Spanish dishes that are deeply ingrained in Colombian cuisine. Each dessert carries a unique touch of sweetness that is perfect to end any meal.

Indulging in Tres Leches Cake: A cake soaked in three kinds of milk; condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. It is beloved not just in Colombia but across Latin America.

Arequipe, Arroz Con Leche, Brevas con Arequipe: These irresistible treats perfectly capture Colombia’s sweet side. From caramel-like Arequipe to milky rice pudding Arroz Con Leche to figs filled with Arequipe – they truly showcase the breadth of popular Colombian desserts.

Mazamorra and Quimbolitos: Enjoyed nationwide but rooted deep within Andean tradition. Mazamorra features sweet corn while Quimbolitos are steam cooked cakes – both definitely worth tasting!

Finally,The Intriguing Tale of Cascos de guayaba and Cholados Colombianos: Desserts that highlight Colombia’s love for fruits through their use of guava shells (Cascos de Guayaba) and refreshing iced fruit cocktail (Cholados).

These popular Colombian desserts are sure to offer a delightful gastronomic journey through the country’s rich culinary landscape.

popular colombian desserts
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Exploring the Delightful Milhojas

It’s hard to resist the allure of Milhojas, one of the most popular Colombian desserts. This Latin American favorite features layers of crisp pastry, custard, and a dusting of powdered sugar. It’s a symphony of textures that delights with each bite. In any case, if you’re ever in Colombia or any Latin American country, don’t miss out on this sweet treat!

Unveiling the Postre de Natas: A Sweet Colombian Specialty

Now that I think about it, another dessert you must try is the Postre de Natas. Renowned for being one of Colombia’s most famous sweets, it offers a creamy experience that’ll surely satisfy your sweet tooth. It is incredibly well-loved throughout Colombia – not just for its creamy texture but also for its enticing sweetness.

A Look into Flan, Natas, and Natilla: Traditional Spanish Dishes in Colombian Cuisine

All things considered; traditional Spanish dishes like Flan, Natas and Natilla have found their place in Colombian cuisine as well. These desserts are perfect for those who enjoy custard-based treats. Oh! And let’s not forget about Arroz con Leche—a favorite rice pudding delicacy among locals and tourists alike.

Indulging in Tres Leches Cake: A Latin American Staple

You see, there’s something magical about the Latin American classic – Tres Leches Cake. This dessert oozes with a rich combination of three different types of milk soaked into a light sponge cake —a delightful concoction loved all across Central and South America.

Introducing Refajo Colombiano and Other Sweet Gems of Colombia

By the way, other popular Colombian desserts worth mentioning include Refajo Colombiano, Colombian Pound Cake, Polvorosas – all filled with unique flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. And let’s not forget the festive Natilla Colombiana – a cherished Christmas Custard relished during the holiday season.

Arequipe, Arroz Con Leche, Brevas con Arequipe: Must-Try Desserts in Colombia

In any case, regardless of your dessert preferences, there’s something for everyone. You must try the Arequipe (also known as Dulce de Leche), Arroz Con Leche and Brevas con Arequipe – quintessential popular Colombian desserts.

Discovering More Colombian Desserts: Flan de coco, Torta envinada, Pastel de Gloria and More

The list doesn’t end here. Other traditional sweets such as Flan de coco (coconut flan), Torta envinada (wine-soaked cake), Pastel de Gloria (glory cake) and Dulce de brevas await to delight your senses in Colombia’s culinary scene.

Notable Mentions: Bocadillo con queso, Bananos Calados, Merengón and More

You’d be amiss if you didn’t try Bocadillo con queso—a guava candy often coupled with cheese. Then there’s Bananos Calados or soaked bananas – a traditional dish that never fails to impress with its simplicity yet striking flavor profiles.

Highlighting Mazamorra and Quimbolitos: Andean Delicacies Enjoyed Across Colombia

Mazamorra—a comforting milk pudding from the Andean region, and Quimbolitos—a steamed cornmeal dough cake, both offer unique textures and flavors that perfectly represent the diversity of Colombian desserts.

The Intriguing Tale of Cascos de guayaba and Cholados Colombianos: Fruit-Based Treats with a Twist

To finish off, you can’t miss out on Cascos de guayaba (guava shells topped with cheese or cream) and Cholados Colombianos – a refreshing blend of crushed ice topped with fruit chunks and condensed milk. A truly remarkable gastronomic journey awaits you in Colombia!

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popular colombian desserts


While planning your memorable trip to Colombia, it’s essential to consider the rich gastronomic adventure that awaits, as well! From mouth-watering savory dishes to scrumptious popular Colombian desserts, the country’s culinary scene is a treasure. Tasting these sweet treats should be on your travel itinerary and can even inspire the perfect souvenirs to take home.

In terms of budgeting for your trip, factoring in the cost of indulging in these delectable desserts is a must! Brightly colored tropical fruits and unique local ingredients go into making these sweet delicacies. To help you plan ahead and allocate the right amount for food expenses, you can review our post about how much a trip to Colombia costs.

Colombian cuisine isn’t just about their mains like Bandeja Paisa or Arepas; their sweets will equally intrigue you. As you explore the vibrant nightlife of Medellín or enjoy salsa dancing in Cali, don’t forget to sweeten your palate with some popular Colombian desserts. Not only will they satiate your sweet cravings but also give you a taste of Colombia’s rich cultural heritage.

Finally, one cannot fully appreciate the allure of Colombian desserts without pairing them with world-famous local coffee. Whether sipped after dinner or served alongside a dessert, Colombian coffee complements these sweets perfectly! For an exhaustive guide on this delicious brew, do read our article on Colombia’s best coffee.

Well, hello there, my friend! My name is Esteban Parcero, your go-to Colombia travel expert. Isn’t it delightful when you can combine two passions? For me, it’s the love for my beautiful country and an insatiable sweet tooth! Today I will take you through a delicious post about popular Colombian desserts.

Colombia is not just about vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes; we possess a gastronomic treasure that will make your tastebuds dance with joy!

We’ll embark on a mouthwatering journey featuring some traditional favorites like the ‘arequipe’, majestically creamy and sweet. Then there’s ‘cholados’, an icy treat perfect for those hot tropical afternoons. And how could I forget the famous ‘natilla’? It’s Christmas in every bite!

I hope these glimpses of our rich culinary heritage have whetted your appetite for more.

The beauty of Colombia is not only in its mesmerizing landscapes or colorful culture but also reflected in our cuisine. Each spoonful of these popular Colombian desserts, tells a story – one that resonates with love, warmth and tradition passed down through generations.

I invite you to come experience this sweetness first-hand! Revel in every bite as it transports you to sunny afternoons under palm trees or festive gatherings filled with laughter and music. As they say here: ‘The taste of Colombia lasts long after the journey ends.’

So pack up your sweet tooth because Colombia awaits!

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Before you go…

While you may already be looking forward to tasting the popular Colombian desserts, knowing when to visit Colombia for the best culinary experience is also crucial. Our guide on the best time to visit Colombia will offer insightful details about when fruits and other dessert ingredients are in season, promising the most authentic flavor profiles from your chosen treats.

Further, if you’re eager to explore Colombia’s culture through its food and nightlife scene, consider checking out our guide on Medellín’s nightlife. Here you can discover places that offer a perfect blend of delightful desserts and vibrant Latino music – an enchanting experience that shouldn’t be missed. After all, there’s no better way to enjoy a night out than eating delicious Colombian sweets while being engrossed in lively local rhythms.


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Esteban Parcero

Esteban Parcero, a Puerto Rican, that has a deep connection with Colombia, which he considers his second home. He has been frequently visiting the country for over a decade, immersing himself in the vibrant culture, music, and cuisine. Esteban has made many friends in Colombia and particularly loves Medellín for its stunning landscapes, nightlife, and people. Through his travels, Steve has gained a unique perspective on Latin American culture and has become an advocate for promoting cultural exchange between different countries.

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